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About Goddard & Family Garage Services

We pride ourselves at Goddard & Family on being a local family based business offering various garage service in Taunton. We We treat our customers with courtesy and respect and do our very best to make business with us as cost effective as possible. As much as we appreciate earning money we will never carry out unnecessary work. If you ask us for our honest opinion we will give it; even if it means you deciding against having work carried out!

Our town centre location in Taunton allows customers to pop in for a chat a painless exercise and for those that work or want to spend the day shopping it really doesn't get any simpler than leaving your car with us for the day! For those customers that require access to a vehicle we have a number of courtesy cars available upon request and availability.

Goddard & Family only employs fully trained mechanics with experience in a wide variety of vehicles. This means we don't just specialise in one make or type of vehicle. A broad understanding allows for better diagnosing of issues and can save money by repairing rather than replacing components. There are national garages that spend a lot of money advertising their services but often employ 'fitters' who are trained on only specific parts of vehicle repair. Although sometimes good at what they do they often cannot give an an informed overview of a vehicle and carry out other repairs. Their diagnosing is sometimes a little wayward; we have had many new customers have a 'vehicle inspection' only to be told by us that there is nothing wrong with their tyres or exhaust! We don't target our staff on the number of sales they make on a job...

Senior Mechanic Richard Smith is key to the effective running of the business, so much so that we promoted him to Director last year. His knowledgde, experience and committment to customer service epitomises the core values of the business. We do all we can for our customers and that starts by having the very best available mechanics at our disposal. Goddard & Family also proudly boast a year 3 apprentice who has been with us from the start. We strongly believe that investing in the future is the only way to build a sustainable business.

Our reputation is very important to us. We have excellent feedback on our Facebook page and web-pages. Our repeat trade and new customer base is increasing. We don't rest on this amazing achievement and are always looking for ways to get even better. We always ask our customers to contact us if there has been any issue with the service they have received. New parts can fail or genuine mistakes can happen - we are only human and have to accept that these things happen no matter how unintentional. Once we are made aware of any issue we do our very best to put things right. If we can't then we explain why; normally because it is out of our control or we are not at fault.

We carry out all aspects of vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair. You can have confidence in our ability to deliver. Why not try us out and see for yourself...